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Summer Reading is for Everyone!

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June is here, school is almost finished and summer is on the horizon.. The library is an important resource in summer as well as the rest of the year. Not only is it an air conditioned haven from the summer heat, it’s a place to keep your mind in shape, the way you keep your body in shape by exercising and visiting the gym.

We have a great summer reading program lined up this year and the best thing about it is that all ages can participate. Younger children that do not read independently will need some help from their families, but people of all ages are welcome to join in our “Try-It” program, to keep their brains nimble.

The Owen Public Library’s Try It challenge was inspired by Gene Luen Yang, graphic novelist and the current Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. Mr. Yang has been drawing comics since the 5th grade. In 2006, his debut book American Born Chinese became the first graphic novel to be nominated for the National Book Award and to win the American Library Association’s Printz Award.

In an interview with journalist Cindy Long, Mr. Yang said “Every Ambassador has a platform, and mine is “Reading Without Walls.” The purpose of the program is to get kids to read outside their comfort zones and to explore the world through reading. I want to encourage kids to read books about people who don’t look or live like them, to get to know people and worlds different from theirs. By reading other people’s stories, we can develop insight and compassion. I also want to encourage them to read about topics they might find intimidating, like books about STEM. Often, people think of stories and science as completely separate, but they’re not. Stories are a great way to learn science. Finally, I’d like them to try formats they may never have experienced before. If they’ve never read graphic novels, give one a try. Or if they’ve only read graphic novels, try a prose novel, a novel in verse, or a hybrid (half graphic, half prose) novel.” You can read the entire interview at http://neatoday.org/2016/02/11/gene-yang-encourages-kids-to-read-outside-comfort-zones/.

Based on Mr. Yang’s “Reading Without Walls” platform, the Owen library presents the following challenges to everyone:

  • Check out a book about someone who isn’t like you. Read about someone from a different culture, race, religion, or time period.
  • Check out a book about someone who lives in a different place than you. Maybe someone who lives in a different region of the U.S. or a different county or even a different planet.
  • Try reading in a new format. Listen to an audio book or read a graphic novel or a book in verse.
  • Read a book that’s based on a movie or TV show. How are they different? How are they the same?
  • Check out a cookbook and learn to make something new. Brownie points for trying new foods or making something healthy.
  • Check out a book on a topic you’ve never read about before. The library is filled with books about just about every topic under the sun!
  • Complete our library scavenger hunt. It’s a real challenge but you will learn a lot about your library.
  • Check out a book that makes you laugh. We all need to laugh more! It’s great medicine.

The summer reading program will kick off on June 13. Stop by the library and pick up a brochure with all the challenges listed. For each challenge completed, a person gets one entry in our drawing. The last day to complete challenges is Friday, August 12. Winners will be chosen Monday,  August 15.


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